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Pall Bulk Fuel Solution For AngloGold Ashanti Siguiri Mine

5th August 2015 • By

Anglo Gold AshantiAGA Siguiri mine is a multiple open-pit oxide gold mine in the relatively remote district of Siguiri, around 850km northeast of the country’s capital, Conakry. The area has significant potential for gold mining and has long been an area of traditional artisanal mining. The gold processing plant treats about 30,000t daily.

AGA Siguiri mine holds an 85% interest in Siguiri, with the remaining 15% held in trust for the nation by the Government of Guinea. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, AngloGold Ashanti has 20 gold mining operations in 10 countries, as well as several exploration programs in both the established and new gold producing regions of the world.

AGA Siguiri mine requested FloSolve supply and install Pall bulk diesel filtration and Coalescer at the AGA Siguiri Mine diesel loading and off loading facilities. The system filters up to 90 000 litre of diesel per day, ensuring the diesel meets AngloGold cleanliness requirements. To ensure maximum filtration efficiency, a Pall UDH4 Filter housing with 12-micron elements was selected for decanting functions.

Diesel is delivered to the mine by means of road tankers, with an average ISO cleanliness code of 24/23/21. With the single pass Pall filter configuration AGA Siguiri mine has managed to improve diesel receipt in to the bulk storage tanks to ISO 20/18/16.

Diesel dispensing filtration is again a single pass configuration with a Pall 4UDH housing with 7 micron elements and a Pall® Phasesep Coalescer for free water removal. The filtration system will ensure that AGA Siguiri mine meets is ISO cleanliness target of ISO 12/9/6, and ensuring free water levels are less than 100 ppm.

SiguiriThe most recent F.M.E.C.A. (Failure Mode, the Effects and the Critical Analysis) reviews shows that contaminated operational fluids, on diesel powered equipment, are responsible for as much as 75% of all related component failures and contaminated operational fluids, on hydraulically powered equipment, are responsible for as much as 85% of all related component failures.

During a customer visit carried out in March 2015, the units were observed during actual operations. The client’s feedback was very positive regarding the unit’s performance, particularly with its ability to reduce the transmission oil operating temperature. AGA Siguiri mine has eight (8) units working in the process plant area. As the units are permanently on-line, an ISO cleanliness level of 16/14/12 is expected.

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