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Everyone Is Looking For A Short Cut

9th December 2015 • By

You Just Found Yours

Revolutionise the Way you Think about Oil

All Lubricants are the same right? Just select the the cheapest oil of the right viscosity grade and the rest is history. Right…? Wrong!

Not all lubricants are created equal. I am a great fan of Synthetic Lubricants. They are well worth their salt, as the savings that they produce go way beyond the cost of the lubricant. However there is more to a lubricant than just it’s Base Oil.

Some lubricant blenders such as Revolution Oil have taken it further by sourcing cutting edge additive technology, which is unmatched in today’s market, giving lubricants a film strength 4 times greater than any other on the market and an extended oil life factor of at least 2 and in some case 24 times. Among these benefits are a raft of others.READ MORE